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Summer workshop (online): "Wow - my child is starting senior school!"

Summer workshop (online): "Wow - my child is starting senior school!"

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"Wow - my child is starting senior school!" Parenting Through School Transition.

This is an in-depth, 2-day online workshop to support you through your child's school transition.

As parents, our kids’ transition to senior school can be an exciting but uncertain time.

They only get to do this once, and what they experience now can have life-long impacts, so let’s not take any chances by assuming they'll be fine and leaving it all for someone else to handle! After all, you've already taken a lot of time and care to choose their next school with them...

In this workshop you can:

  • Learn all about the developmental and psychological changes your child will experience as they transition to senior/secondary school.
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges that your child may encounter in their school transition and be able to recognise the signs that your child might be struggling.
  • Gain new strategies, skills and activities to add to your parenting tool kit for supporting your child to become more resilient to change and to set them up for a smoother transition.
  • Arm yourself with tips for early intervention, in case you spot signs that they might be finding their transition difficult.
  • Invest in some “me” time to think about how this change affects YOU as a parent; recalibrate your expectations if you need to and embrace this pivotal phase in your child’s life, knowing you’re fully prepared for what lies ahead.
  • Ask any questions and address any concerns in a safe and supportive forum.

Plus, you will receive an e-goody bag containing:

  • all the slides, supporting documents & resources
  • downloadable "New School Navigator" guide for your child
  • a voucher for 50% off your first 1:1 coaching session


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