24 & 25 June 2024 - Online summer workshop for parents:

"Wow - my child is starting senior school!" Parenting Through School Transition.

We can't avoid change but we can shape how we experience it.

  • Is a change in family circumstances creating new challenges for you or your child?
  • Do you or your child have concerns about an upcoming or recent school move?
  • Are you relocating for work and worried about the impact on your family?
  • Are you adapting to an expanding family and figuring out how to juggle everything?
  • Is the transition from full-time parent to working parent panning out differently to what you expected?

If these questions, or similar, are on your mind, we're here to help.

At Pegasus Coaching we strive for outcomes that extend well beyond your current family transition, providing you and your family members with lifelong tools to safeguard your happiness and protect your wellbeing during any of life's testing moments.

For your child

There are so many life changes that children experience and they are often expected to just get on with it...

For your child, a change such as moving house or moving school might mean familiar everyday routines are shaken up beyond recognition and go-to support networks become interrupted. They might need to create new social connections, navigate new environments, and adapt to new demands and expectations.

All this while their minds and bodies are going through all sorts of developmental changes - that's a lot to handle all at once! But it is also a time filled with great opportunity and potential, and we're all about maximising those aspects.

For you

Parenting during any significant life change presents challenges. Balancing concerns for your child's adjustment with practical tasks, work pressures, relationships, and other family needs, can be a lot to handle! It's natural to put your child's needs first but it's crucial to take care of your own wellbeing too.

As their trusted adults, it's our responsibility to give them roots to grow and wings to fly - we can do this best when our own needs are being met.

"Kitty you were brilliant. This is something I have needed to do for a while and just to have someone patiently listening and providing support to help me move forward was great thank you."

  • Coaching

    Join us for one-to-one or small group coaching sessions to work through any challenges you are facing. Build confidence, resilience and flexibility and empower yourself to carve out the best route forward for you and your family.

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  • Digital Resources

    These products are documents, videos and audio files for you and your child to download and work through at your own pace.

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  • Webinars & Workshops

    Join us for one of our webinars or online workshops where we demystify some of the big life changes that you and your family might encounter, and connect you to like-minded people for an open, honest and supportive exchange.

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