Coaching Psychology in Education

The very essence of coaching psychology is to enhance the wellbeing and positive life experiences of individuals by facilitating learning, supporting development and enhancing performance. To this end, coaching psychology offers a wealth of evidence-based perspectives, models and approaches to enrich educational experiences in school settings and wider educational communities.

Here at Pegasus Coaching, we craft a range of bespoke educational services based on psychological theory, research and practice.

We believe that a diverse and inclusive community of authentic, confident and respectfully curious people creates a resilient, purposeful and safe environment for all to flourish.

CPD: Psychoeducation and Training for Educators

We train and empower educators to apply coaching approaches to teaching:

  • using non-directive, facilitative pedagogy, focusing on skills for learning
  • supporting students to develop self-efficacy, autonomy, agency and to build resilience to flourish

Our psychoeducational seminars and workshops enhance educators' knowledge and understanding of the psychological processes at play in educational settings, including evidence-based practical strategies. Themes include:

  • supporting student wellbeing & facilitating conditions for flourishing
  • intercultural literacy and supporting culturally-diverse students
  • developmental and transition psychology for induction and outduction
  • understanding the experience of transfer students

Workshops for Students

Our student workshops cover a variety of themes that contribute to the overall mental health and wellbeing of individual students and the broader school community.

Our accessible activities empower students to:

  • develop self-knowledge, exploring their strengths, values and interests
  • enhance self-esteem through positive self-talk
  • be assertive and set boundaries
  • understand and manage stress
  • prioritise their health and wellbeing
  • acquire practical self-care strategies
  • set achievable goals to enhance motivation, accountability and self-efficacy
  • foster healthy relationships & belonging
  • build emotional resilience to cope with challenges and uncertainties

Transition Programme Planning

Our transition programme planning package offers:

  • a comprehensive review of your school's current transition practices
  • practical training in applying psychological theory and research to develop successful school transition programmes
  • key stakeholder inclusion: support for students, staff and parents/caregivers through the school transition process
  • development of a bespoke, evidence-based transition programme with a variety of activities, resources and opportunities for whole school community involvement


We offer group and individual coaching to educators and to students within your school setting. These focus on personal growth, development, performance enhancement & wellbeing.

For more information on how Pegasus Coaching can support your school community, please contact us via the button below.