Transition coaching for those who are relocating for school. 

Moving away to boarding school takes a great deal of courage. Starting school in a new cultural and educational environment can feel especially overwhelming but it also brings with it opportunities for broadening perspectives, increasing intercultural awareness and competence, as well as growing independence and self-efficacy.

Our coaching sessions will take a deep dive into existing strengths and skills and support students in developing the resilience, flexibility, and openness to new experiences that will stand them in good stead for this adventure! With Kitty, an experienced teacher and coach, students will identify and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, as well as work on coping strategies to handle those moments of homesickness.

For more information and pricing of Pegasus Coaching packages, please book your free Discovery Session so we can get to know each other and talk through all the details.

  • Moving Across

    Transition coaching for those changing school outside of standard intake / entry points

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  • Moving Up

    Transition coaching for those Moving Up into a new phase of schooling. 

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  • Family Relocation

    Transition Coaching for those who are moving further afield with their family.

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"I still get quite homesick but I now have ways to handle it." J, age 14