Transition coaching for those changing school outside of standard intake / entry points

There are many different reasons and timelines for moving schools outside of standard intake points. These moves might coincide with the start of a school year, or can happen at any point mid-year. Moving at a time when you are the only new student can bring additional settling in challenges but it can bring special opportunities too.

Our coaching sessions will connect with the unique circumstances of your move. We will support your child in bolstering their self-esteem, handling big emotions, developing strategies for making and maintaining new social connections, and embracing the fresh start with a positive and productive mindset. Experienced teacher and coach, Kitty, is dedicated to empowering students to ensure that the transition to their new school works best for them!

For more information and pricing of Pegasus Coaching packages, please book your free Discovery Session so we can get to know each other and talk through all the details.

  • Moving Up

    Transition coaching for those Moving Up into a new phase of schooling. 

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  • Moving Away

    Transition coaching for those who are relocating for school. 

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  • Family Relocation

    Transition Coaching for those who are moving further afield with their family.

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""My son now sees the opportunities and feels excited about the move instead of feeling like this is something that's being done TO him and he has to fight against." - Parent F